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What does your sales funnel look like?
Prospects do not  turn into deals without a lot of hard work in between. Are you focusing on your entire funnel or are you getting caught up in the day to day of running your business. You are not alone. It is a challenge that all small business owners face every day. How do you keep feeding the funnel while nurturing your prospects and closing deals. 
We have the one piece that you're missimg
… And Its not a marketing gimmick or a new online fad. We are not trying to revolutionize the world with a marketing strategy. All we want to do is put you in front of more clients every day. We do that by getting back to basics and picking up the phone
This website is not going

 to close any deals for us


So you have heard it all before. The latest and greatest online marketing strategy to "Growth Hack" your business.
And it’s true. There are a ton of new and innovative ways to market your products and services out there.  

But if you are selling to business's and you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  You need to start having conversations . 

Most online marketers will focus on Views and Clicks and a handful will get into actual conversions. But a conversion for them is usually only the beginning of your sales cycle. 

How much time is spent qualifying leads to find actual prospects in there.

We will help you get those conversations started and start qualifying your leads. We do not just do lead generation but we feed your funnel. We provide qualified prospects for you to close.


We are results driven and will review your leads with you every week to ensure we are on the right track


We don't work in theory here at Bane and we don't hide behind charts and stats.

We care about increasing your revenue so you will have more money to spend on our services. So we don't just provide you with leads. We provide qualified prospects. 

We can help guide those prospects through your funnel and make sure you stay on top of your leads with our marketing automation tips and tricks.

The best demo we can offer is a phone call away. Just spend some time with our consultants and you will see why we are successful at what we do. 



Polished presenters will help ensure you always put your best foot forward
How to get started

If you are ready to get started, just give us a call and we will  start reviewing your pain points and will let you know  where we think we can help. 

 Our prices are standardized and we bill by the hour so you set the budget and we will set the expectations.  We do not bill you for any consultation.

Once we sign off on the scope ,we get to work and can be calling out to your clients and target list in less than week. 

How soon before I start closing deals?
That really depends on your products/services sales cycle and your readiness to deliver. We can help make sure you are sales ready.


Frequently Asked Questions

Forward any prospects that meet predetermined BANT criteria
Build out prospect funnel from identified potential accounts that are interested but not ready

Our process is open and transparent 

Step by Step
Identify Target Market- Vertical/Client/Geography
Create Target List- Companies-Individuals-Contact Information
Qualify target List- Cold calling into accounts to identify prospects. Deliver elevator pitch- Identify Opportunities






How many calls will I get and how many clients will i get to speak to?
We will identify how many calls you can expect based on your sales pitch and target lists.  

We usually shoot for between 5-8 calls an hour if we have a decent target list

What is the cost of a campaign?
We bill hourly so we set the campaign around your budget. Our rate runs between $35-$50 an hour depending on the sales cycle and solution complexity. 

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed. You don't pay anything until you see results.

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